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A black and white photo of a woman with very long dark hair smiling at the camera. She has brown skin, a white shirt, and a jacket on

S Hati is an Adult SFF writer and Pitch Wars 2021 mentee. Her writing is heavily influenced by her experiences as an Indian diaspora living in Thailand, and later, the United States. She currently resides in the Bay Area where she works in health tech and is represented by Allegra Martschenko at Ladderbird Literary.

Samantha Bansil is an Adult SFF Writer and Author Mentor Match R9 mentee. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys wandering bookshops and obsessing over other people’s pets. She’s Fil-Am, currently living in Paris and is represented by Chelsea Hensley at KT Literary.

Follow her on Twitter @Sam_Bansil

A black and white photo of a woman smiling into the camera. She has shoulder length dark hair and brown skin. There are sunglasses on top of her head.
A black and white photo of a white woman smiling at the camera. She has long straight hair, a dark shirt, and a jacket on.

Casey Colaine is a writer of genre fiction with science-based magic and sometimes murder. After studying Physics and Politics in undergrad, she decided she was crazy enough to pursue a masters in Applied Physics in Glasgow, Scotland. She is incapable of writing stories without queer messiness or himbo characters, and when she’s not writing, she likes to pretend that she’s really funny.

Follow her on Twitter @CaseyColaine.

Amanda Helms is a biracial Black/white science fiction and fantasy writer whose stories have appeared in Mermaids Monthly, Fireside Fiction, The Twisted Book of Shadows (Twisted Publishing, 2019), and elsewhere. She and her family live in Colorado. Though all of them are natives, none ski or snowboard, proving that such creatures indeed exist. She is represented by Paul Lucas at Janklow & Nesbit.

Follow her on Twitter @AmandaGHelms

A black and white photo of a woman with short curly dark hair and brown skin looks into the camera. She has dark eyes and is wearing a patterned shirt.

Shay Kaleoʻoluhoʻiloliokawaipāhe Zykova is a hapa-Hawaiian author of Adult SFF and a 22′ Rogue Mentee. The eldest child of a large, multi-generational family, she ran away to Slovenia and Russia for a bit, then became homesick and very, very cold. She currently lives on the island of Oʻahu with her husband and is represented by John Cobb at HG Literary.

Follow her on Twitter @Shay_Zykova.